Polar Opposites


Polar Opposites

Difficult to reach?  Yes.  Worth the trip?  Undoubtedly.  The Arctic and the Antarctic are some of the planet’s last truly remote regions, requiring an explorer’s sense of adventure for all who wish to know them.  Intrepid travelers are rewarded with the awe-inspiring scenery of these white worlds and their animal inhabitants:  think Polar Bears, Harp Seals and Narwhals in the Arctic, Emperor Penguins, Elephant Seals and Killer Whales in the Antarctic.  Cerulean’s travelers are supported in their polar safaris by expert teams that provide insight and learning one could never glean from documentaries alone.  Whether by ship, charter flight, overland expedition or in a specially-designed camp, the journey is definitely part of the experience.  Not many make the decision to go; those who do are vastly richer for it.

Polar Bear Mother and Two Cubs, Hudson Bay, Canada

Northern Lights, Iceland

Cruising the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

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