What We Do

Effortless Luxury Travel

Unique Travel Destinations

Treasured, Lifelong Memories

We believe that time is precious, and that exploration of inspirational places and experiences enrich our hearts, minds and lives. We exist to create meaning and memories through travel.

Experiential Travel

Why do you travel? The answer to this question is what drives the experiential traveler. And it’s different for everyone: to feel the thrill of discovery, to re-engage with loved ones …

Luxury Travel

To us, luxury travel means spending focused time with those we care about, discovering near or remote lands, while feeling we are privileged to do so like an insider in the process.

Luxury Hotel Online

Do you need a luxury hotel for a business trip or a quick getaway? Rather than book it yourself, let us do it for you and receive special amenities and VIP treatment that you would not otherwise.

African Safaris

Many say that Africa is “a trip of a lifetime.” Yes, and no, actually. The first visit is often just the prelude, after which the continent beckons, again and again.

Multigenerational Travel

As we progress through life, time seems to accelerate. As days turn into weeks, months and years, the importance of spending dedicated time with those we love could not be clearer.

Honeymoons and Special Occasions

Some of us start our traveling lives as children, with our families. Others begin as adults, somehow “bitten” by the “travel bug.” There is perhaps no greater impetus…

Life Travel Planning SM

Particularly for families, but also for those who appreciate how preparation makes a world of difference, Cerulean offers Life Travel Planning SM

Private Travel

We know your time is your most precious asset, and discretion is often equally important. Our team organizes aircraft charter, VIP / skip the line arrivals, secluded villas, private yachts….

Luxury Dive Travel

As divers ourselves, we know the excitement of the underwater world, and love helping our travelers discover this spectacular environment, whether it’s their first dive or their 500th.

LGBTQ+ Travel

We realize that our clients, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, want to feel comfortable and confident when choosing a vacation destination…

Executive Retreats

Growing a business requires not only hard work, but perspective and fresh ideas. Executive teams that break away from daily pressures to travel together will reap the benefits …

Gratitude Travel SM

Entrepreneurs and business owners know how valuable their immediate team members are: they support the organization’s mission, investing great personal energy and long hours.

Experiential Cruising

We like to think of experiential cruising as “going places others can’t.” Reaching northern outposts in the Arctic, secluded coastal towns in the Adriatic, or small islands in the Galapagos …

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