Exotic Locations


Exotic Locations

Strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual, certain destinations capture our senses in ways others cannot. It is perhaps the sheer lack of familiarity that we find so enticing in places we might call “Exotic”. Of course, the definition is subjective – there is no one place that has exclusive right to this term. Our list includes Morocco, with its colorful souks, spices and hidden culture, and Myanmar, with gleaming temples and unfamiliar ways of life. And India, perhaps the epitome of the word, where the assault on one’s senses is constant to the point of bliss and /or overload. Island destinations often strike us as such too – whether that is Zanzibar, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, or Bali. In common is the stimulation of our senses beyond what we typically experience, heightening the awareness of our surroundings and painting indelible pictures we will not soon forget.

Royal Palace, Fes, Morocco

Ring-tailed lemur family, Madagascar

Traditional stilt fishermen, Galle, Sri Lanka

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