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Carrie Wallace Luxury travel Advisor in Myanmar


Founder and President
Chicago, USA

As Founder and President of Cerulean World Travel, Carrie Wallace brings more than 10 years of deep industry experience to her latest travel venture. Previously president of a boutique luxury travel consultancy, which she built into a nationally recognized authority...


Luxury Travel Advisor &
Protégé Program Director
Chicago, USA

Kevin has been an avid traveler since he was a child, gaining early exposure after being whisked away on his first plane ride at four months old. This set the foundation for a continuous desire to explore the world. Subsequent travel experiences...


Luxury Travel Advisor
Santa Fe, USA



Whether the goal is a culinary or outdoor adventure, cultural activity, or pure leisure, Cathy’s thoughtful planning and preparation will ensure the best possible experience for her clients. Cathy’s first foray abroad occurred at the age of eight...


Luxury Travel Advisor and Affiliate at Journey Bound Travel
Boston, USA

While Jordan cannot pinpoint exactly when the world of travel stole his heart, he does know that ever since graduating college in 2009, friends, family, and the like tend to question why he has a permanent address. He was also...


Luxury Travel Advisor and Affiliate at Family
On The Go
Bay Area, California, USA

Engaging the entire family in the travel experience makes for a wonderful, fun, and relaxing holiday. Each family is unique and Julie’s top priority is to ensure that her clients receive the personalized vacation that is so well deserved…


Luxury Travel Advisor
 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Growing up in a family of avid travelers, Cathy has always made sure her calendar is booked with plans for her next adventure. These trips inevitably consist of great experiences as well. Whether learning how to make paella in Barcelona, driving mini motorboats...



Travel Experience Concierge and Luxury Travel Advisor
Sacramento, California, USA

It was not until Amy took her first trip abroad to study in Italy that she truly caught the travel bug. And then there was no stopping her from there. Every year Amy and her mother embark on a horseback riding adventure...


Chief Administrative Officer
Chicago, USA

Debbie is responsible for all things “back-office” at Cerulean – she makes sure we have the systems and processes in place to support our clients and partners in a proactive fashion...


Strategic Travel Assistant
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Caryn vividly remembers her first international trip to Panama at the age of 3. She has been traveling ever since. She has traveled to Europe, the Caribbean, parts of Asia, and the Arabian peninsula. Climbing Mayan ruins in Belize, visiting the Kuwait Towers, and...

Laurie Weisman


Luxury Travel Advisor

Laurie is an avid traveler who loves curating trips to new destinations and discovering everything the world has to offer. She understands the importance of creating meaningful experiences through travel and loves finding trips...

You are not like everyone else. Your vacation should not be either

We believe you deserve to enjoy a vacation that was planned with you in mind, and know that every detail has been handled correctly. We know who to talk to. And what perks and touches to add that will make your experience a one-of-a-kind.

Planning a luxury vacation on your own is not an easy task.

Still worry that maybe—just maybe—you’re missing something important.

Or the accommodation won’t be as good as it looks online.

Or that the destination and your experience won’t live up to the Instagram photos you’ve seen. 

That was somebody else’s vacation after all…

Worse yet, your concerns carry over into your much-needed time away, hijacking special moments you were supposed to have with family or friends. 

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