Down Under Explorations


Down Under Explorations

Australia and New Zealand could not be more different, except for the enthusiastic response they evoke in our travelers: everyone returns impassioned by their experiences in this remote southern corner. While Australia appeals to our vibrant sides through its energetic cities, stunning coastline, animal kingdom and super-friendly people, New Zealand awakens our inner adventurer, with its solitude, stunning scenery and unique adrenaline activities. Each country merits time to explore – two weeks apiece if possible – as a combination of the two without sufficient time can dilute the experience of each. But no worries, mate, if you just have two weeks and wish to visit both, we’ll synchronize your experiences with your interests to maximize your enjoyment Down Under.

Melbourne, Australia, just before sunrise

Exploring by helicopter, Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand Fiordland

Lupins at Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand

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