5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Luxury Travel Agency Advisor

Whether you are looking for the perfect destination for a simple getaway or a more detailed travel itinerary, a luxury travel agency like Cerulean World Travel offers complete peace of mind and helps you travel like no other.

We handle all the unnecessary stress of planning your trip or vacation, leaving you with a memorable and extraordinary experience that will last a lifetime.

Still not sold on the value a luxury travel agency can offer? In this article, we will look at five reasons you should work with a luxury travel agency advisor when planning your next vacation. Let’s dive in.

Reasons to work with a luxury travel agency advisor

1. Less stress overall

With severe airport staffing shortages and surging air travel demand, it’s all too easy for things to go wrong. A luxury travel advisor can’t prevent travel mishaps, but he or she can help mitigate them. A travel agency advisor has your best interests in mind.

They can make suggestions before the trip — such as using a shipping service for luggage — that will go a long way in helping prevent problems.

And, if an issue does arise, you have someone you can call. There’s always someone to turn to when you work with a luxury travel agency. The support does not stop once they hand over your itinerary. They take on all the responsibilities of ensuring that you travel with peace of mind. 

2. Reduce anxiety due to flight cancellations

When you look around the airport, it is easy to spot which travelers booked their flight with a luxury travel agency advisor. You will see them at the bar sipping drinks, safe in the knowledge their advisor has taken care of everything.

The same can’t be said when you book flights with airlines yourself or use a cheap internet travel agency. Online bookers may find themselves stranded, but not those who booked with a luxury agent. 

If the worst happens, like your flight gets canceled without warning, it’s easy to rearrange a flight if you have a luxury travel agency advisor on your side. Since they have deep industry experience and have done this countless times before, the best travel advisor can get you an alternative flight from another airline or can organize another mode of transportation to get you moving.

3. Get access to “fully booked” hotels

Luxury travel agency advisors work hard to establish strong relationships with the best resorts and hotels worldwide. That means they can possibly get you into these hotels when you can’t. While they aren’t magicians, they do know all the tricks of the trade which means their clients have an edge over other guests.

For instance, you may not see an available room on the hotel or online travel agency website, but a good advisor can make a call to their contacts, turn up rooms that aren’t normally for sale online, or have the hotel move other rooms around to open up space.

Besides, who do you think hotels give their best rooms to? You are right; they give them to their preferred partners. So, capitalize on travel advisors’ experience and affiliate partnerships to get the best hotel deals.

4. Stop wasting time and money

On average, travelers visit about 40 separate websites while planning their travels and vacations. Not only does this take a lot of time, but it can be overwhelming and stressful.

One of the major reasons you should work with a luxury travel agency advisor is that they streamline your vacation and travel plans. They manage the time-consuming tasks of researching all aspects of your vacation and give you a personalized and curated travel experience.

A common myth about using a luxury travel advisor is its cost. In reality, using the best travel agency advisor can save you money and time. For instance, travel agency advisors are well-versed in finding the best value for your luxury vacation budget.

5. Discover incredible and unique destinations

If you are not quite sure about where you want to go for your vacation or what you want to do, it is the work of a luxury travel agency advisor to figure it out for you.

They will discuss your vacation needs, dreams, and budget with you and come up with a custom itinerary tailored just for you.

Regular travel agents might push you to an “off-the-shelf” vacation package. But you won’t get this kind of service with a luxury travel agency advisor. Your desires and needs take priority; then, the advisor weaves together something unique for you. It is a wholly relationship-driven and personalized experience.

How to choose the best luxury travel agency advisor

Here are some of the vital things to consider while screening for the right luxury travel agency advisor:

1. Expert travel advisor background

Whether you find a travel advisor via an online search or through a referral from a friend, you need to thoroughly assess the advisor’s experience. The best travel advisor should have a website that discusses their services and gives pertinent information about who they are.

2. Is the travel advisor certified?

You should ensure that your travel advisor is appropriately certified or accredited. They should also be someone who is ethically conducting their services. For instance, they should have all the necessary certifications and accreditations with travel regulatory bodies such as IATA, ARC or CLIA. Are they a member of Virtuoso, which is a consortium of the best luxury advisors and agencies?

3. A proven record of booking great experiences

A travel advisor may have never gone on a personal vacation to a particular place or never been to a particular hotel. But that doesn’t stop them from booking incredible vacations for their clients. It’s vital you find a luxury travel agency that has several case studies from happy clients.

The longer they have been in business, the better. That gives them more time to build great relationships and connections with hotels, airlines, etc., which always comes in handy.

Our 5-star reviews are a testament to our proven record of providing great service.

4. Is their communication good?

Communication equals customer service. For instance, a travel advisor who communicates well with their clients is a game-changer. As a result, you should look for early signs, like how long the travel advisor takes to return your phone call or email.

The best travel advisors will get in touch to verify the information you submitted and to ask a series of follow-up questions. They should also have destination knowledge and recommendations that are useful in your decision-making. Did they demonstrate expertise and make you feel more comfortable and excited about your travels?

Is it expensive to work with a luxury travel agency advisor?

It may cost you slightly more to work with a luxury travel agency advisor (most of the good ones charge a retainer fee), but it’s money well spent.

These travel agencies take all of the stress from planning an incredible vacation and offer a range of services you can’t put a price on. That includes exclusive access to the best hotels, how to book to deliver the best value, and immediate assistance if something goes wrong. 

What should you expect from the first meeting with a luxury travel advisor?

On your first meeting with a luxury travel advisor, expect to be asked many questions about everything from your interests, travel companions, and hobbies to what you disliked or liked about your last vacation or trip.

You should answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully as they form a foundation for your travel advisor to make recommendations. It is also vital to think in advance about your vacation budget, needs, concerns, and dreams.

Furthermore, your travel advisor should be able to disclose to you their fee and the services offered. The best advisors all charge fees; if they are not you should be asking questions.

Final Thoughts

After reading our detailed article, it is time to experience the advantages of working with a top luxury travel agency advisor like those at Cerulean World Travel.

Our travel experts are true professionals who are happy to guide you and make your dream vacation a reality.

Do you still have any unanswered questions? Speak to one of our travel experts today. 

We know you care how you spend your time. When traveling the world with Cerulean, your itinerary is specifically designed around you and your loved ones’ travel needs. Our exclusive connections and partnerships around the world get you VIP perks and upgrades to ensure that the actual experience exceeds what you imagined it to be. 

Discover places you never knew existed and experiences you never imagined possible. Schedule a call with one of our award-winning luxury travel advisors today, and we can guarantee that you will get three new experiences or place ideas that you haven’t thought of before.


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