Brad’s Unforgettable 50th Birthday Trip – Video

Do you believe major milestones and life events are a great excuse for travel?  


Meet Brad, who just celebrated the “Big 5-0” with an unforgettable trip planned by Cerulean Luxury Travel Advisor Laurie Weisman.  Along with his wife and 4 other couples in the Florida Keys, Brad will never forget this occasion!   

In this video Brad shares his birthday experience along with his gratitude for Laurie’s efforts and creativity.  He also has a great sense of humor – click play to enjoy!

Do you have a big birthday, anniversary, or milestone approaching?  Get started now and CONTACT  US to work with Laurie or another talented Advisor on Cerulean’s team!  


At Cerulean World Travel, our experts devote their knowledge, time, and genuine concern to planning an experience that honors your valuable time. Every detail is covered. We connect all the dots and create a seamless experience that allows you to be present with the ones you love.

Use this link to talk to a travel advisor today. We’ll dig in to help you plan the best experiential trip everyone can enjoy, the kind that deepens relationships with your loved ones and writes stories they will tell for the rest of their lives. 


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