A Luxury African Safari Is the Expedition of a Lifetime

Going on an African safari is an epic experience for every visitor, especially if you are visiting the continent for the first time.

It is unlike any other holiday you might have been on, therefore you might wonder what to expect when you go on your first African safari.

What makes a luxury African Safari so special?

1. The Big Five

When you go to Africa, you will realize how every person emphasizes getting to see the Big Five, which include:

  • Lion
  • Buffalo
  • Elephant
  • Leopard
  • Rhino

While coming to the bush and seeing the Big Five is a top priority for most guests, be prepared for hours of drives without seeing any of these animals. This is especially common if you opt for self-guided game drives.

However, the chances of seeing the Big Five are high if you have a tour guide with a tracker.

2. Adventurous travelers

Africa is not only about gorgeous scenery and amazing animals. You most assuredly meet new interesting and like-minded travelers from all over the world.

You can share your travel adventures with fellow visitors worldwide and make friends as you go.

If you prefer to travel with family members or friends, luxury Africa safaris allow you to book your safari tours as a group.

3. Wonderful sceneries

In Africa, you will see magnificent natural and historical sites and awe-inspiring sceneries.

African safaris also provide plenty of stunning photographic opportunities for momentous photographs of wild animals, incredible places, and the people you meet on your safari.

4. Plenty of food

Luxury African safaris will always ensure that you are well-fed with a smorgasbord of food choices. 

For instance, they will feed you a heavy breakfast in the morning, and then you will be given snacks on the drive. You will then get back to a huge lunch.

You can also count on snacks at sundown and a massive dinner in the evening.

Where to go on an African Safari?

The best countries to go on an African safari will be countries that can offer you more than simply game viewing. Here are some of the top African safari countries:

1. Kenya

Kenya is most likely to offer some of the best African safari destinations. From unforgettable hideaways for couples to exclusive family safaris with child-friendly activities.

The Masai Mara’s astonishing density of wildlife (lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, and elephant) offers a spectacular African safari experience no matter the time you visit.

2. South Africa

South Africa is one of the most reliable and stable travel hubs in Africa. You can go from Madikwe and Kruger to Cape Town and Phinda effortlessly without being exposed to large international crowds.

South Africa’s luxury African safari features the “Magnificent 7”: lion, leopard, rhino, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, and rare wild dog.

It also boasts some of the best luxury African safari lodges.

3. Tanzania

Tanzania is the ultimate beach-to-bush destination. Safari occurs almost everywhere in Tanzania. Few African destinations can rival Tanzania’s diverse landscape and wildlife.

From beaches and coral reefs of tropical Zanzibar to the never-ending savannah of the Serengeti, a Tanzania safari offers one fascinating safari experience.

Where to stay on a South African Safari?

1. Hotels and Resorts

Before and after your luxury African safari, you can stay at a resort or hotel located in cities or near airports.

The amenities and comfort levels depend on the safari you book. And most safari operators allow you to upgrade to a more luxurious option or switch to a budget one.

2. Safari Lodges

These are permanent accommodation structures located near or in national reserves and parks. They vary in comfort level from basic to mid-range to luxury and ultra-luxury.

A safari lodge is an excellent option if it is your first time on an African safari.

3. Glamping sites

Glamping sites come in many forms and shapes, including:

  • Adventure camps: Public adventure camps can provide basic amenities like a pit bathroom and bucket shower. On the other hand, private options can even offer a pool.
  • Full-service camps: These are typical modern-day camps comparable to the “traditional African safari.” They feature sleeping beds and proper flush toilets.
  • Tented camps: They are generally small (usually 5-20 tents) and have wi-fi service, an en-suite bathroom, and a real bed.

4. Luxury and Ultra-Luxury Lodges

These are the best choice for African safari-goers seeking excellence. The rooms are spacious, the views are magnificent, and the service is incredible.

They are the equivalent of four- or five-star hotels, offering amenities like entertainment and spa facilities.

You can book luxury lodges as part of an all-inclusive African safari package

When is the best time to go on an African Safari?

While Africa’s wildlife will be available throughout the year, not every time is best for wildlife viewing. This is why you must research the best time to go on an African Safari to the exact destination you are planning to visit.

The time you visit a safari destination can make or break your trip. Generally, drier seasons in most African countries are the best time for wildlife viewing.

For instance, If you want to go on a Safari in Kenya, the dry season (January, February, June, July, August, and September) is the best time to visit. This is because most wild animals congregate at water sources to drink, making animal spotting pretty easy.

If you want to experience the annual wildebeest migration, consider visiting Tanzania or Kenya in the dry months of June to October. This is because both countries showcase this spectacular or greatest wonder in wildlife during this period.

However, the drier season does not mean summer in some African countries. For example, Botswana’s dry season is winter. This makes the best time to go on a safari in Botswana between May and early October.

Therefore, do not simply generalize everything; you need to know the best time to go on a safari in each African country individually to come up with an ideal itinerary. And you need to know how far in advance to book to take advantage of the best accommodations and experiences.

The luxury travel experts at Cerulean World Travel will explore what your safari vision looks like and help put together a trip that meets your expectations. 

How long should your African safari vacation be?

If you’re considering going on an African safari on your travels this year, then it’s important to know how long you should dedicate to the experience. 

For a rewarding and well-rounded experience, your African safari vacation should last 7-15 days. This is from when you leave your house for your safari destination to when you board your flight back home.

It also includes the time you will spend traveling between parks or reserves and some hours of rest.

While planning a shorter safari trip is possible, spending less than five days on an African safari will not be worthwhile.

However, the number of days you should spend on an African safari varies from one visitor to another depending on several factors, such as;

1. Country you choose to visit

If you want to fill your safari with as many authentic African safari experiences but have a limited time, we recommend ruling out Africa’s more remote safari destinations.

These destinations are generally much larger and take several days to explore. Besides, they demand additional travel time.

2. Your budget

Africa is home to a wide selection of safari destinations, nature reserves, game lodges, and national parks, each with different travel requirements and budgets.

The overall cost varies according to the following factors:

  • The country you are visiting
  • The number of lodges, conservation areas, game reserves, or parks you will be visiting and exploring
  • Type of accommodation
  • Mode of transport

What to do on an African safari?

Luxury African safaris have various planned activities that make your visit hard to forget. Some of the activities you should expect to engage in are:

1. Game drives

Most African safari places will take you on two game drives during the day. For instance, you can head out on:

  • Early morning game drive
  • Evening game drive

2. Walking and hiking safaris

Walking safaris (bush walks) are increasingly being offered in countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Botswana.

For instance, you can explore remote Africa wild on foot in the company of a licensed and armed professional guide.

3. Horseback, camel-back or elephant-back safaris

Walk beside or ride a camel or horse through remote African safari destinations for an exhilarating experience.

You can also spend time on the back of an elephant exploring open savannahs and forest paths.

4. Cultural interactions

African people offer such a diversity of experiences and cultures. Interacting with these people helps you learn from other cultures and traditions and discover what makes other people tick.

Other activities you can do on your African safari include:

  • Adventure sports like whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, Devil’s Pool, quad biking, rock climbing, and other thrills and chills
  • Trekking and tracking wild chimpanzees
  • Scuba diving, cage diving, and snorkeling
  • Boating and sailing safaris
  • Fly camping
  • Canoeing
  • Biplane, helicopter, and microlight flight
  • Hot-air ballooning
  • Golfing safaris
  • Educational safaris


Now that you know what to expect on a safari, why not trust an expert luxury African safari agency like Cerulean World Travel to book your perfect trip?

Schedule an African discovery call today and plan the safari of a lifetime with the help of one of our skilled luxury travel planners.

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