Charter a Private Flight for a Safe, Stress-Free and Exclusive Luxury Family Vacation

After living two years full of restrictions and lockdowns, it’s finally time for you and your family to enjoy a luxury vacation. However, since the threat of the pandemic isn’t quite over, how can you get back out into the world while traveling safely and confidently?

Welcome to the world of private aviation. It can make your travels safer, easier and more exciting. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider private aviation for one of this year’s luxury vacations.

Less Crowded

As we’ve all learned, crowded areas pose health threats to you and your loved ones, and minimal contact with other people can lessen your chances of catching COVID.

Besides health-related issues, crowded places are intrinsically inconvenient, especially the long security lines and packed terminals. 

Private traveling saves you this trouble so that you can enjoy every bit of your luxury vacation without sharing space with strangers. 

It’s a pure pleasure to fly from the private terminal of a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), which means no long check-in lines and no crowded waiting area.


Private jets are the simplest way to avoid annoying or nosy traveling partners. You have the whole plane to yourself with no disturbances or prying eyes. Some private jets don’t even have flight attendants, giving you absolute privacy that’s unmatched by any other form of air travel

Luggage Considerations 

Commercial flights have to accommodate hundreds of passengers and their luggage. That can only be done by setting weight restrictions and size limits. With so many bags flowing across so many airports, you are bound to lose luggage at some point due to delays or mishandling.

On private jets, you can carry almost any type of luggage you want, be it engineering equipment, sporting items or heavy baggage. It’s all allowed in private traveling with no extra charges.

You can even watch the pilot load your bags right into the cargo hold! No more wondering where the luggage is.

Note: Even though there are fewer restrictions, be mindful when packing. Depending on your aircraft, you may still have limits on total space and total weight, but, in general, there is more flexibility. This feature allows you to make the most of your luxury vacations by bringing onboard just about every desired item.


Point-to-point traveling, small airports and departing on your time schedule have always been factors when considering whether to charter a private jet. 

These days, with COVID tests, paperwork checks and a confused traveling public, your time spent in airports fighting your way through all the red tape has increased dramatically and promises to continue.

Commercial flight schedules are no longer as convenient either, with airlines cutting back on flights or discontinuing services to some locations altogether. Since we now value our time with family and friends more than ever, shortening the stress in transit so that we can maximize our enjoyment together is another reason to consider flying private.

Is Flying Private Worth It? 

Private jets have long been associated with celebrities or business tycoons. But that’s all in the past.  Families or even groups of friends who are comfortable traveling together have started to share the cost of private jet travel. 

Business people who have traditionally flown first class want to upgrade their experience and find they have the means to do so after two years of no vacations. “Jet Card” programs reward those who are willing to put funds into a private air account with slightly lower hourly flight rates and better access to aircraft.

The expansion of this industry has made private travel top of mind in the luxury travel arena — people have become curious and more are realizing that while it’s more expensive than commercial air flights, the benefits are worth it.

The Verdict

These challenging times demand a safer mode of travel. In this regard, private traveling offers unparalleled safety protocols and privacy measures, along with a glimpse of a luxurious lifestyle. 

And, it’s just easier.  After two years of lockdown, easy and relaxed is what we need right now, making it worth it for many of you in order to enjoy your well-deserved luxury vacation to the fullest.

We know you care how you spend your time. When traveling the world with Cerulean, your itinerary is specifically designed around you and your loved ones’ travel needs. Our exclusive connections and partnerships around the world get you VIP perks and upgrades to ensure that the actual experience exceeds what you imagined it to be. 

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