With peace arriving in this small country, Colombia finally has the opportunity to reveal its many charms to the rest of the world, and we could not have been more enchanted by it. After our short visit, we immediately booked a return trip – 3 months later!

Bogotá exceeded our expectations from the moment we arrived. This is a cosmopolitan city, with diverse neighborhoods, a historic core, and a lot to do. La Candelaria, the old city center, is lined with cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings, businesses and cool street art. It is just edgy enough that it doesn’t feel developed or made for tourism.

La Candelaria – great street art
Whimsical paint job
Bogota’s colors

If you like gold, the Gold Museum is a sight – its many pieces and exhibits offer a window into Colombia’s pre-Conquistador history.  Francisco Botero, the country’s most famous artist, has an entire museum devoted to the oddly-proportioned figures depicted in his paintings and sculptures.


On Sundays, the city closes some if its main arteries, and thousands of people, young and old, hop on their bikes for a car-free ride through the center – a must do!  Also a must is a trip up the mountain by funicular for a stunning view of the city below, and certainly don’t miss the nightlife of the Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) which features an impressive array of restaurants, bars, salsa venues and clubs.  These Colombians know how to have a good time!

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