Luxury Travel with Children

What does a luxury vacation with kids look like? It’s one where your children have plenty to do each day that they enjoy, and you, as parents, have the creature comforts and services at your disposal to make traveling with them easy, stress-free and enjoyable at the same time.

Here are a few things to look for when you plan a luxury vacation with children.

Selecting the right destination:
Look for places that have activities your children love, and where they can learn something new. Beach locales are always a favorite, of course, however, destinations with colorful cultures can awaken their sense of wonder. If they are physically active, places with outdoor pursuits (e.g. mountains or ranches) can offer tons of fun. If they are into animals, places that offer farm visits, horseback riding, or wild animal viewing will delight them. Many cities offer hands-on kids’ museums or other types of cultural exhibits that will keep them entertained and learning at the same time.

Pick the right hotel or resort:
Generally, your kids won’t understand the difference between a luxury hotel and something that’s more basic. But you will.

Especially when traveling as a family, you can use all the help you can get. Luxury hotels and resorts understand this. 4* hotels do not. Go for 5* caliber and you’ll have an entire team of hospitality professionals to get you what you need, stat. From the concierge to the watersports guy, they are in tune with what you as an upscale family need. Often kid amenities are waiting in the room for your arrival, whether that’s a plush toy, cookies, and milk, or a teepee to hide out in. Great hotels get it.

If you hope to have a little “you” time apart from the kids, seek properties that have children’s programs, kids’ clubs, and are generally appealing to families so they’ll meet other children as well. Top hotels also have access to trusted nanny services so you can leave the kids in good hands and have a relaxed, adult dinner a couple of nights during your vacation.

Finally, as much as you want the kids to be happy, you want to be happy as well, so a luxurious hotel, with amazing food, where everything is well-managed means your stress levels will go down and your vacation enjoyment will go up.

Pick the right room…
When it’s bedtime, you as parents will want a space to retreat to; this could be a nice terrace or a suite with separate rooms. More families are also seeking luxury apartments or home rentals – a kitchen, a washing machine, and multiple bedrooms go a long way towards making your vacations easier. Many resorts now offer villa options, so you can have the space you crave, along with the access to services and amenities of a top property. Rooms or homes with some type of swimming pool are always a plus.

Design your days with them in mind:
Your kids will love the stimulation of a new destination, however, don’t overdo it. Choose shorter activities (ideally in the mornings to take advantage of their energy), and leave your afternoons open for naps or pool time. Find hands-on projects or classes that keep their young minds engaged. Keep some days entirely open so you can all relax. Take advantage of kids’ clubs at your hotel that teach the young and the curious about the local area, the ecosystem, or just provide a way to keep them engaged while you have a little pool or spa time.

Choose “easy” when it comes to logistics:
Kids can get tired, impatient, or cranky if days are too long or if too much hassle is involved. To avoid a meltdown, here are a few tips we suggest:

    • Non-stop flights: Especially with young kids, choose vacation destinations that have non-stop flights if possible. The fewer connections, the happier your children will be.
    • Fly business class: Everyone will benefit from arriving at your luxury vacation destination in a more relaxed state. If flying with tweens or teens, you can opt to have them sit in the economy while you sit in business; in many cases, they are happy for the independence and can keep themselves busy with their phones and games on the plane.
    • Get VIP “fast-track” assistance if flying internationally. This allows you to skip the long immigration lines and get to your hotel that much faster.
    • Choose private transfers: Whether to and from the airport or to and from excursions, this makes getting to the fun more efficient, saving everyone’s energy for that which you really wish to enjoy. Depending on how much moving around you’ll do, you can even have a private driver at your disposal.
    • Travel with your nanny or trusted babysitter: They can make your luxury vacation as easy for you as they make your home life, and are likely to jump at the opportunity to see a new destination.


Luxury Travel with Children – it is possible!

Luxury travel with kids is certainly more complicated than without them, however a well-designed trip, with great hotels, the services you need, and simplified logistics means they’ll be happy when they go to sleep each evening, and so will you.


A stress-free, fun-filled luxury travel with children is possible if you plan your next vacation with us – Cerulean World Travel. Tell us your family’s interests and options and we’ll make your dream vacation come true.

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