Think It’s Too Early To Start Planning Your 2022 Holiday Travel? We Recommend You Don’t Wait

If you don’t want to miss the boat, now is the time to book. It may already be too late for some destinations, but not all is lost. 

Yes, spring break and summer travel are top of mind right now.

But — and it’s a big BUT — with prime destinations at a premium these days, holiday travel planning should be your No. 1 priority.

How About a Warm Luxury Beach Destination?

Of course that sounds heavenly, especially as winter winds howl.

Luxury Costa Rican resorts are top of the list for many travelers nowadays. But when the weather isn’t so great at home, just about any exclusive luxury beach resort is acceptable.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind: If you’re dreaming of a family villa in Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica or Hawaii, you’ll find all of the best villas gone if you wait until March to book.

What About Christmas in Europe?

Christmas markets and fairytale castles of Europe are perfect settings for holiday family memories that will last a lifetime.

And who could say “no” to the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway, Sweden or Finland? You’re sure to have snow, too.

But you don’t want to take a chance on not getting just the right luxury accommodations, so now is the time to decide and book.

Luxury Ski Travel? Yes!

Some of the world’s best hotels are located on the slopes, and there’s nothing quite like hot cocoa around an open-air fire pit for excellent family bonding time.

It goes without saying that December is the perfect time for a luxury family ski vacation. But if you luck out and there’s no snow (doubtful), the terrain and the wildlife are sure to wow all members of the family.

Like other top destinations, villas at mountain resorts are in limited supply, so if a mix of adventure travel and luxury family experience appeals to you, now is the time to book.

Still Not Sure It’s Time to Plan Now?

Need a few more facts before you are persuaded? OK, let’s break this down into some basics.

What IS Certain About Holiday Travel:

  • It will be winter. You’ll have time to travel because the kids are out of school, and you’ll want to travel. Guess what? So will everyone else.
  • With so much demand, travelers are booking further in advance to get what they want. We see a lot of competition for a great holiday trip these days.
  • Because of demand, prices will continue to be high. Booking early gives you a better chance of finding something you’ll like at a price you are happy to pay.
  • Suites and larger accommodations tend to fill up first (there are fewer of these in a given resort). If your family wants more living space, you have to plan now.
  • Vaccinated travelers will continue to have better and easier access to foreign destinations than unvaccinated travelers.

What Is NOT Certain About Holiday Travel

  • What will COVID do?
  • How difficult or easy will it be to travel vs. 2021? (We’re talking entry and return requirements here.)

Let’s forget about the uncertainties. A good luxury travel advisor (like the award-winning team here at Cerulean) can guide you and support you all the way through the process until you are back home.

What you need to do right now is choose your destinations.

To kickstart your dream, take a look at this list, which highlights some top choices in 2021. It’s likely to spark some inspiration for holiday travel now and in the year to come. You’ll get ideas about some of the finest hotels and resorts whether you want balmy beaches, top-class ski resorts or enlightening cultural destinations. 

Let’s Get Practical

Here are some final tips for holiday travel planning: 

  • Don’t wait for clarity around COVID-19. Book now and make changes later, if needed.
  • Be aware of the cancellation policies for your arrangements.
  • You should consider travel insurance.
  • Many of the best luxury resorts in the world have waitlists. Get your name on the list. Resorts give regular, annual customers the opportunity to rebook. If they do not (usually by late February), the rooms will be made available to people on the waitlist.
  • Book flights now for the holidays; they will only get more expensive through the year.  Consider buying a flexible ticket.
  • Suites and larger accommodations tend to book up first. You need the space. Book the larger accommodations now.

It All Comes Down to This Last Bit of Advice:

Even if you aren’t 100% sure, make plans now to avoid disappointment.

We know you care how you spend your time. When traveling the world with Cerulean, your itinerary is specifically designed around you and your loved ones’ travel needs. Our exclusive connections and partnerships around the world get you VIP perks and upgrades to ensure that the actual experience exceeds what you imagined it to be. 

Discover places you never knew existed and experiences you never imagined possible. Schedule a call with one of our award-winning luxury travel advisors today, and we can guarantee that you will get three new experiences or place ideas that you haven’t thought of before.


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